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8kg UltimateCare 900 washer dryer 
8kg UltimateCare 900 washer dryer 
8kg UltimateCare 900 washer dryer 
8kg UltimateCare 900 washer dryer 
8kg UltimateCare 900 washer dryer 
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8kg UltimateCare 900 washer dryer 

  • EWW8023AEWA
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  • OKOBall lowers detergent loss to improve cleaning.
  • SensiCare system protects clothes from over-drying.
  • Vapour refreshes clothes without washing.
  • AutoSense adjusts cycles to reduce wear and tear.
  • VapourCare removes 99.9% bacteria and allergens*.
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(Worth 499.999 VND)
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Cleaning. Maximized. Cleaning. Maximized.

Cleaning. Maximized.

The innovative shape of OKOBall improves wash performance and reduces wastage by preventing detergent from draining away during the wash cycle.

No more over-drying

SensiCare reduces wear and tear, protecting your clothes from over-drying. By measuring temperature and humidity SensiCare adjusts the cycle time to the load and fabric type to ensure that items retain their look and feel for longer.
Refresh without washing Refresh without washing

Refresh without washing

Quickly revitalise garments and smooth out creases by using the 33 minute VapourRefresh cycle. Your clothes will emerge smooth and fresh, with up to 23% less wrinkles compared to air drying*.

*23% less wrinkles EWF9025BQWA wash cycle with Vapour vs. standard cycle air dry  - tested and certified by THTI
No more over-washing No more over-washing

No more over-washing

AutoSense technology adjusts the time, water and energy consumption according to the load size. This prevents over-washing, reducing the wear and tear on your favourite clothes by ensuring they are only washed for as long as needed.
Hygienic clean. VapourCare. Hygienic clean. VapourCare.

Hygienic clean. VapourCare.

The VapourCare option finishes the wash cycle with a soft spray of vapour to remove up to 99.9% of allergens and germs*. By producing vapour at only 40°C it is gentler on your fabrics, whilst also saving energy.

*Tested on certain harmful allergens and germs: K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus
As gentle as handwashing* As gentle as handwashing*

As gentle as handwashing*

Confidently wash your most precious woollen garments, even when the label says "hand-wash only". Our dedicated wool cycle combines low temperatures with very low spin speeds and is certified by Woolmark to be as gentle on woollens as hand-washing.

*The wool wash cycle of this machine has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the washing of wool garments labelled as ""hand wash"" provided that the garments are washed according to the instructions issued by the manufacturer of this washing machine. Follow the garment care label for drying and other laundry instructions. M0000


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