Kitchentip | 5 minute read |

Knowing how to store vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator not only protects your wallet, it also helps you in leading a more sustainable life and avoiding food waste. Electrolux is here to give you some useful tips on how you can keep veggies and fruit fresh in the refrigerator for as long as possible.

Clothestip | 5 minute read |

Yes, you can wash shoes in the washing machine. While the thought of your sneakers banging around your drum may not sound so appealing, it’s better than laboriously hand-scrubbing them in the sink. But that said, it’s not as simple as just throwing them in there.

Clothestip | 4 minute read |

Washing and drying your bedding can be a major chore. The items are often large and heavy, and hard to handle or hang up to dry.

Clothestip | 5 minute read |

A dryer is one of those home appliances that doesn’t only save you time, but also space. Instead of having wet clothes hanging all around your house or flat-drying on every surface, your dryer gives you perfectly clean and dry garments in a matter of hours.

Kitchentip | 4 minute read |

The first step in how to clean an oven is to just start. Chances are that you’ve overcomplicated this task in your head and now you’re facing the consequences of neglecting your oven for so long.

Clothestip | 5 minute read |

You run water and washing detergent in your washing machine regularly. Does it mean it’s clean? Not necessarily. Like any other home appliances, your washing machine needs a deep clean so it performs at its best for longer. Otherwise, mould and mildew may grow in its damp crevices, causing both your machine and laundry to smell.

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