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Clothestip | 4 minute read |

Everyone will probably have garments collecting dust at the back of their closet - old-looking, stretched, stained, or faded. Many of these were new just a couple months ago. Ninety percent of our garment are actually thrown away long before their intended lifespan. The culprit? 

Clothestip | 4 minute read |

Washing machines are essential parts of any home and can consume a lot of power. In this article, Electrolux shows you how you can save electricity when using your washing machine with the following tips.

Kitchentip | 4 minute read |

Keeping your refrigerator at the right temperature not only helps you keep your food fresh, it also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle in the process.

Clothestip | 4 minute read |

When it comes to clothes, jackets are our ultimate protectors. They shield us from the cold and keep us safe from dirt and rain.

Kitchentip | 3 minute read |

Air fryers are incredibly useful appliances that provide lots of cooking options while taking up relatively little space in your kitchen. But how do you get the tastiest and healthiest results when cooking with an air fryer? Don’t worry, Electrolux is here to provide you with the most useful tips on how to cook with an air fryer, so put on your chef’s hat and find out more.

Clothestip | 4 minute read |

You wash your pillowcases regularly, but what about your polyester pillows? They’re often overlooked but it’s crucial to give them a deep clean to remove the buildup of dead skin, sweat, oils, and saliva that can attract dust mites.

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