Make sustainable eating the preferred choice.

Our eating habits go beyond just what’s on our plate. Each year, we throw away 1/3 of all global food production, with households being the largest contributor to this total wastage. Leading the shift towards sustainable eating, this campaign aims to instill a more conscious plate and a mindful attitude towards food — from the moment food is produced, until it’s served on our tables. From there, we must revaluate our relationship with food, and acknowledge our responsibility to make wiser choices as consumers. When we appreciate where our meals come from, we start to see food as an indispensable resource — changing the way we handle our ingredients in the kitchen, by learning how to cook, eat, and store them more efficiently.

Make sustainable eating the preferred choice

Appliances in the UltimateTaste range

Making healthier and more mindful food choices —without compromising on flavour.


Fresh meat and fish, all week

Tender meat and delicious seafood, always stored and cooked from fresh. The TasteSeal compartment maintains a consistent temperature of -2°C to keep your best ingredients in prime condition for up to 7 days* without freezing. This means that you can always cook from fresh to serve meat and seafood that is juicy in texture, bright in colour, and delicious in taste.

* Passed TUV Rheinland testing of microbiology plate count in salmon, chicken, and beef. Average weight loss <2% after 7 days. Sample tested EBB3702K.


Fresh fruit and veg, all week

TasteLockAuto maintains a humid environment to keep fruit and vegetables fresh and bursting with flavour for up to 7 days.* A membrane automatically releases excess moisture to reduce condensation and stop your produce from spoiling early.

*Test protocol T110568M8 <20% average weight loss after 7 days storage (models ETB3402, ETB3702). Lettuce -13%, strawberry -6%, carrot -8%, mushroom -18%.


Clean, hygienic storage

TasteGuard uses a carbon filter to keep your fridge fresh, hygienic and free from unwanted odours* that can change the taste and smell of your food.

*93.5% reduction in odour tested using protocol GB21551.4-2010

“The refrigerator is well designed. It has many functions that I love. The soft freezer is convenient for quick food preparation. Getting water right from the outside is great too. Good buy, highly recommended for young family.”

- SG, UltimateTaste Top Freezer Refrigerator 300

We believe it's time for a taste revolution

We believe it's time for a taste revolution.

Over a hundred years in the making, our legacy of better living has transformed households across the world. As we improve your home life, we seek to inspire change — by combining Swedish efficiency with innovative solutions, we aim to shape a more sustainable world.

Responsible for 30% of global emissions, the food industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change from production to consumption. Aside from the industry's carbon footprint, consumer behavior impacts our global food security, as we waste around a third of global food production each year.

Better Living in 2030
Electrolux launched the Better Living Program
in 2019 as an 11-year action plan that aims to shape better and more sustainable living around the world. Its focus is an evolving list of 100 bold actions that we pledge to undertake by 2030. These actions represent our commitment to the four clear targets we have defined across the categories of Better Eating, Better Clothing Care, Better Home Environment, and Better Company.

To reduce our diets' climate impact, we must adopt a more conscious attitude towards food. Among our initiatives last year, around 9,400 people joined the Electrolux Food Foundation’s events centred on sustainable eating habits, and valuing our relationship with food.

As we approach the next decade, we plan to make sustainable eating the preferred choice, by making alternative cooking methods easier and developing more technology that can minimise food waste.
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