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  • 250.000 VND

    • A universal smart accessory that reduces the noise and vibrations from your washing machine and tumble dryer.
    • The ultra-flat pads protect your floors from scratches and keep your appliance firmly placed.
    • The neutral colour and new flat design makes them almost invisible.

    250.000 VND

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  • 1.800.000 VND

    • This kit allows you to stack your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine safely
    • Easy installation.
    • Suitable for use with front loading washing machines and condenser/ heat pump tumble dryers.

    1.800.000 VND

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  • 300.000 VND

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  • 500.000 VND

    • The stand raises the machine to a high level to avoid floor contact, thereby reducing noise and vibration produced during the product's functioning.

    500.000 VND

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  • RCP: 1.000.000 VND

    • The kit is designed to hold the dryer firmly on the top surface of a waher or to hold it attached on the wall in order to save space for your laundry area.

    RCP: 1.000.000 VND

  • RCP: 400.000 VND

    • Attaches to the fill hose of your washing machine or dishwasher
    • Stop limescale from forming, reducing need for chemical descalers
    • (Permanent neodymium magnets) breaks calcium carbonate crystals down into aragonite for easy dispersion in the discharged water

    RCP: 400.000 VND

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