What is covered for general warranty?

Electrolux offers 24 months following the date of original purchase of the appliance, subject to below-mentioned terms and conditions:

Product Support coverage Remarks
Front-load washer
Onsite service

10-year warranty for motor and drum

(EWF9025DQWB and EWF1025DQWB: 10 years warranty only applies to motor)

Dryer / Top-load washer / Dishwasher

Onsite service


Gas cooker / Induction hob / Freestanding cooker

Built-in oven/ Cooker hood

Onsite service  
Microwave oven Carry-in service Onsite service applicable for built-in
Water dispenser Onsite service  
Air-conditioner Onsite service The compressor is warranted for 05 years
Instant water heater Onsite service 10 years warranty for the heating tank, 05 years warranty for the heating element
Storage water heater Onsite service 10 years warranty for the heating tank

Air purifier / Air dehumidifier

Vacuum cleaner
Small household appliances
Induction cooker

Carry-in service  


  Not warranted 

Warranty terms and conditions

1. Applies to new appliances, purchased and used in Vietnam. Warranty is limited only to the first purchase of the appliance and is non-transferable.

2. Customers are entitled to a replacement for a major failure within first 30 days following the date of original purchase, with verification from Electrolux’s technician or authorized representatives.

3. If the appliance is used by a commercial establishment or by an individual for commercial purpose, the warranty will be 09 months following the date of original purchase.

Warranty services are limited only to terrestrial mainland, not extended to any ship, boat or vessel.

4. If the appliance is not readily accessible for service, there will possibly be an extra charge for special equipment/labour.

5. Please carefully check the appearance of the product before signing the delivery record, clearly stating the product status upon receipt. After receiving the goods, customers should record the video of unboxing and opening the product so that we can provide quick support in case of any problems.

The warranty does not cover

1. Preventive checks or routine maintenance.

2. Consumables, glass or rubber parts, normal wear and tear, non-operational parts and related accessories.

3. Damage due to incomplete or improper installation, inappropriate operation or failure to follow Electrolux’s instructions.

4. Damage to the appliance or any part(s) due to transportation or shifting or arising out of improper storage.

5. Damage by accident, misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service.

6. Unsatisfactory performance due to water supply (washer, water heater, steam irons); or incorrect / not suitable detergents are used for laundry appliances and dishwashers.

7. Replacement or repair necessitated by loss or damage from any cause beyond the control of Electrolux such as acts of God, force majeure events or wartime environments.

8. The appliance is damaged due to power surges, electric power swings over the possible faculty: 220V± 10V.

Warranty void if:

1. The appliance’s serial number is altered, defaced or removed.

2. The appliance is insect or vermin infested (mouse, cockroach, ant, knot, etc...)

3. The appliance is modified without written authority from Electrolux or was serviced by anyone other than Electrolux or its Authorized Service Centers.

4. Electrolux will use or disclose customer’s personal information to authorized third parties for the purposes of servicing this warranty.

Extend Warranty

  • Electrolux Extend Warranty Plan will be applied similar Terms and Conditions with the General warranty.
  • The Extended Warranty Plan will be effective immediately upon expiry of your product's original warranty, with prolonged warranty period for up to three years dependent on the service package you purchased.
  • Extended warranty promotions do not apply to product for commercial or commercial use.

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