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60cm washing machine stand
60cm washing machine stand
60cm washing machine stand

60cm washing machine stand

  • THF00291
  • Compatible to Electrolux machines with dimension 600x657mm
  • The stand raises the machine to a high level to avoid floor contact, thereby reducing noise and vibration produced during the product's functioning.
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520.000 VND 610.000 VND
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Minimalistic design / Easy life

The stand is minimalistic in white and can be used with all Electrolux washing machines and dryers. In addition to aesthetic purposes, the stand helps "increase" the height of the product, reduce back pain during product use and protect the health of consumers.

Protect products under the impact of the environment

The stand to protect the product from getting wet or affected by moisture directly from the floor. In addition, the stand reduces product deflection during operation, compared to initial installation.

Reduce vibration, noise

Noise originates from the bottom surface of the product is in direct contact with the floor, due to the reaction factor combining with the speed of sound. The stand is an accessory helps to reduce the contact area of ​​the machine with the floor, from which, noise and vibration are also eliminated.

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