78cm Built-in 2-Burner Gas Hob

78cm Built-in 2-Burner Gas Hob

Sleek, modern design with black safety glass. A premium 2-burner gas hob featuring Blue Power Flame for maximum heating efficiency.

Recommended Consumer Price: 3.290.000 VND

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Enhanced efficiency

Enhanced efficiency

Electrolux Gas Hob with Blue Power Flame offers enhanced efficiency for faster heat up at 4.2kW ensuring delicious results every time you cook.

Safety Flame Device

Safety Flame Device

Safety Flame Device of the Electrolux Gas Hob cuts the gas off immediately if the flame accidentally expanded, giving you peace of mind while cooking.

Tempered Glass Cooktop

Cleaning is a breeze with Electrolux Gas Hob. Its tempered glass makes washing hassle-free.

Metal Burner Caps with Rough Surface

The burner caps are made of metal, tempered and suitable for different types of pots and pans. The detachable design makes it easy to clean after each use.


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