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Washers FAQs

  • What are the differences between the front load washers and the top load washers?

    Front load washing machines wash clothes more gently by using the horizontal washing tub to mix clothes with water. This type of washing machine helps thoroughly wash clothes while minimizing the rubbing, and the clothes aren't completely soaked in the water. Electrolux front load washing machines are equipped with sensors inside to measure the load of washed clothes to adjust the amount of water needed accordingly. This helps reduce the water usage compared to other types of washing machines, thus saving detergent and power consumption. Furthermore, front load washing machines have a lot of washing programs, with faster spinning speed and quieter operation than the top load washing machines.

    Since the top load washing machines have lids on the top, you can comfortably load your clothes without having to bend down. Plus, adding and removing clothes during the wash is possible with the top load washer. Traditional top load washers usually have a shorter washing time than front load washers. However, you cannot install the dryer on top of a top load washing machine, which can be problematic in small spaces.

    Please also note that some models of high-performance top load washing machines have the same water saving and power saving capacity compared to that of front load washing machines.

  • How and how often should I clean the washing machine?

    You can start cleaning the tub by using the Tub Clean Program. Add detergent, chlorine water, detergent powder or washing tub cleaner to remove detergent residue and other deposits. Then use a clean cloth to wipe the washer, both the bottom and around the door. Perform the clean once a week.

    Next, rinse the detergent tray to avoid clogging and remove detergent plaque. Use hot water mixed with vinegar to clean the detergent tray. Please do not forget to clean the washing machine filter by removing the filter cover and clearing the filter interior.

    Remove and immerse the pipe in a basin of warm, soapy water for about 3 minutes. Use a small brush tip to scrub the plaque. Continue to soak and rinse the pipe. Lift one end of the tube and drain. Repeat the process with the other end of the tube. Then, dry it with a cloth and place it back into the device.

    Cleaning the interior of the washing machine every few months helps keep it clean and free of odours. In a hot, humid climate like Vietnam, please use Electrolux washer covers to protect the washing machine from dust and mold.

  • How to clean the washing machine filter?

    The front load washing machine's filter is usually located in the lower front, behind the washer barrier. Before removing the washer shield, make sure that the washing machine is turned off and you have a basket ready to store water and dirt. Use a rag to wipe off the dirt.

    Traditional top load washer's filter is usually located on the rim or inside the middle shaft. Use a small brush or cloth to wipe off any remaining lint from the screen. If you can remove the sieve from the filter, remove and rinse with hot water to remove any residue.

    Clean the filter at least once a month to avoid clogging in both types of washing machine. Some recent high-performing washing machines don't have a removable filter, as they have the self-cleaning function. To clean those filters, you only need to perform a self-cleaning process once a month to rinse the remaining lint.

  • How to choose the perfect washing program?

    Most washing machines have similar features, which makes it easier for users to choose the right washing program for their needs:

    Regular washing program: Regular washing program uses fast spin speed and hot water to wash clothes. You should use this program for white clothes, sportswear, underwear, socks and T-shirts. Hot water helps remove stains but can also cause discoloration.

    Delicate washing program: This washing program is suitable for thin and delicate clothes. Please note that some fragile clothing items can only be dry-cleaned, so please check the label in your clothes before washing. This program is recommended for washing sweater, linen, and dri-fit sportswear. Electrolux washing machines have earned Woolmark Apparel Care certification, which proved that it can even wash clothing items that should only be washed by hand.

    Advanced washing program: This program is suitable for really dirty clothes. This program has a longer and warmer washing cycle, and a faster spin speed to remove all the stains on your clothes.

  • Can I add more clothes to the front load washing machine while it is still running?

    Adding clothes to your washing machine while it's still running has become easier than ever. Simply press the 'Pause and Add Clothes' button and wait for the door to open, add more clothes and press the 'Start / Pause' button to restart.

  • Does Electrolux front load washing machine have child safety features?

    Safety is Electrolux's number 1 priority. Rest assured with our 2 family friendly features designed for Electrolux front load washing machines. The first feature is the Child Lock, which can be activated and paused by holding the 'Rinse+' and 'Easy Iron' buttons at the same time. After being enabled, this lock function will stay activated until we turn it off, even when the washer is inactive. The second feature is the door lock function, which can only be activated by coin. This lock is designed on the inside of the door and is used to avoid locking children and pets inside the washer.

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