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Discover the best Electrolux dryers for your home in 2024

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Doing laundry doesn’t have to be tiresome, it can be a moment to care for your clothes. To make this possible, Electrolux has designed a line of innovative dryers to transform your laundry time into seamless and efficient experience right at the heart of your home. Especially during humid seasons, these dryers prove invaluable, efficiently removing moisture and maintaining the integrity of your fabrics when air drying is not feasible.

Electrolux dryers are crafted with your garments in mind, ensuring they receive the utmost care while simplifying your laundry routines. In this article, we'll explore the top Electrolux dryers, providing our advanced features and technology that make them stand out in 2024.

Why should you use Electrolux dryers?

Embark on a laundry revolution with Electrolux dryers – where each cycle is a symphony of cutting-edge features designed to transform your garment care routine. From advanced wrinkle reduction to versatile fabric programs, our dryers redefine convenience, sustainability, and performance. Let's explore the top-notch features that set our dryers apart here:

1. Versatile programs for all fabrics

From your occasional Áo dài to your everyday jeans, or even when you want to wash and dry shoes, Electrolux dryers have a program every garment’s specific need. Our diverse settings cater to all fabrics, even your precious shoes, ensuring they get the care they deserve and help your clothes last longer in your collection.

bảng điều khiển các chương trình sấy của máy sấy Electrolux ultimatecare 300

2. Harmonious laundry experience

The Inverter motor minimizes vibrations, offering a quiet and dependable performance. Our dryers ensure that laundry day doesn't disrupt the peaceful environment of your home.

3. Aesthetic and morden design

Electrolux dryers boast an ingenious design that merges functionality with aesthetic appeal. Crafted with a keen eye for detail, these appliances blend into modern households. Thoughtful touches like intuitive control panels and easy-to-access compartments ensure effortless operation and maintenance.

4. Garment protection and wrinkle reduction


Wave goodbye to wrinkled clothes! Electrolux dryers gently protect your clothes from wear and tear while smoothly minimising wrinkles, a great bonus in the most humid season. No more ironing frustrations, just fresh and ready-to-wear confidence straight out of the dryer.

5. Remarkable energy efficiency

Experience substantial energy savings of up to 50% with Electrolux dryers. Our cutting-edge technology optimizes energy consumption without compromising performance, contributing to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

6. Time-saving with Quick Cycles

Busy schedule clashing with your fashion plans? Electrolux dryers offer quick cycle options to get your favourite outfit dry and ready to wear in a flash. Save time without compromising on the quality of drying.

7. Seamless installation with washing machines

đặt chồng máy sấy electrolux lên máy giặt electrolux

For those seeking space-saving solutions, Electrolux dryers seamlessly integrate with washing machines, simplifying installation and optimizing your laundry space.

8. Professional support and warranty

Each Electrolux dryer come with 24 months of warranty following these Electrolux warranty policies.

You can schedule your warranty service or repair conveniently here through our network of skilled and seasoned technicians.

We also provide dryer cleaning service and fix-priced repair service that help you removes the unnecessary stress of surprise costs or hidden extras. We assure professional assistance regardless of your location, striving to ensure prolonged enjoyment of our products for years to come.

Top 3 Electrolux dryers for your family in 2024

Selecting the perfect dryer for your family can be a daunting task with numerous options available. To simplify your choice, here let we help you choose which is the best dryer for your home:

1. Electrolux heatpump dryer EDH903R9WB 9kg

With a substantial 9kg capacity, the Electrolux heatpump dryer EDH903R9WB champions energy efficiency, cutting your electric bills up to 50% compared to Vented Dryers. Its key features, including 3DSense and SensiCare, DelicateCare, and Woolmark certification, ensure delicate fabrics receive optimal care. Notably, the inclusion of a Drying rack for shoes expands its versatility. This dryer excels in both capacity and care, making it an ideal choice for families seeking efficient yet gentle garment care solutions.

Read more laundry tips:

Highlight features  Capacity: 9kg Heatpump technology: save energy up to 50% 3DSense and SensiCare DelicateCare Woolmark certification Drying rack for shoes. Utilize the Electrolux Life app for on-demand care advice

Highlight features

  • Capacity: 9kg
  • Heatpump technology: save energy up to 50%
  • 3DSense and SensiCare
  • DelicateCare
  • Woolmark certification
  • Drying rack for shoes.
  • Utilize the Electrolux Life app for on-demand care advice

2. Electrolux vented dryer EDV854J3WB 8.5kg

The 8.5kg Electrolux vented dryer EDV854J3WB stands out with its efficient wrinkle reduction thanks to ReverseTumbling technology, reducing wrinkles by up to 1/3. Equipped with sensors that adjust cycles to minimize wear and tear, this dryer ensures garments retain their quality over time. Its ColourCare feature significantly reduces fading by up to 80%, making it an ideal choice for preserving vibrant colors. This economical option caters to larger families, providing effective drying at an affordable price point. Moreover, buyers receive additional perks, including free gifts like dryer balls and a washing machine stand, enhancing its value proposition.



Highlight features

  • Capacity: 8.5kg
  • ReverseTumbling technology
  • Intelligent cycles: adjust cycles to minimize wear and tear, enhancing garment longevity.
  • ColourCare

3. Electrolux vented dryer EDS854N3SB 8.5kg

The 8.5kg Electrolux vented dryer EDS854N3SB offers advanced wrinkle reduction through its Vapour Refresh technology, achieving up to 23% fewer wrinkles compared to air drying. Similar to its counterpart EDV854J3WB, it includes sensors that adjust cycles to minimize wear and tear, prolonging the life of garments, the ReverseTumbling feature reduces wrinkles by up to 1/3. For families seeking superior garment care and efficient wrinkle management, this dryer proves to be a top contender.



Highlight features

  • Capacity: 8.5kg
  • Vapour Refresh
  • Intelligent cycles
  • ReverseTumbling

Electrolux’s advanced drying technologies for superior care


When it comes to drying your clothes, our Electrolux dryers stand out for their innovative technologies designed to preserve fabric quality and enhance overall garment care.

3DSense and SensiCare: preserving garment integrity

Our 3DSense and SensiCare technologies work hand in hand to safeguard your clothes from over-drying. By precisely sensing moisture levels, we prevent excessive heat exposure, ensuring that your garments retain their quality and longevity.

DelicateCare: shielding fabrics from shrinkage and shape loss

so sánh hai chiếc khăn khi được và không được sấy bởi chế độ delicatecare của máy sấy electrolux

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of delicate fabrics. Our DelicateCare feature employs gentle drying cycles that protect clothes from shrinkage and shape distortion, allowing you to trust our dryers with even the most delicate garments.

Vapour Refresh and ReverseTumbling: reviving clothes and reducing wrinkles

Bid farewell to wrinkles and enjoy refreshed clothes with our Vapour Refresh technology. This feature uses gentle steam to refresh garments, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating your clothes without the need for extensive ironing.

Plus, our ReverseTumbling technology reduces wrinkles by up to a third by altering the drum's rotation direction, ensuring your clothes come out of the dryer ready to wear with minimal fuss


ColourCare: preserving vibrancy for longer

người đàn ông mặc áo khoác cạnh máy sấy electrolux

Our ColourCare technology is a game-changer in preserving your clothes' vibrancy. With this feature, you can expect a reduction in fading by up to 80%, ensuring that your favorite garments maintain their original colors wash after wash.

Elevate your drying experience with Electrolux dryers

Electrolux's range of top-rated dryers for 2024 offers not only superior garment care and convenience but also a commitment to sustainability. From energy-efficient options like the EDH903R9WB, reducing energy consumption by up to 50%, to features like ColourCare and Vapour Refresh in models such as the EDV854J3WB and EDS854N3SB, preserving fabric quality while minimizing environmental impact.

Plus, selected dryers come with exciting free gifts, free delivery, 0% instalment and more. Find out more about Electrolux dryer special offers here.

Elevate your drying experience with Electrolux's innovative technologies and sustainable approach to laundry care.

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