How to dry different bedding items quickly: A complete guide

How to dry different bedding items quickly: A complete guide

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Washing and drying your bedding can be a major chore. The items are often large and heavy, and hard to handle or hang up to dry. Luckily, your dryer is the best place for you to dry all your bedding items. A dryer has many benefits, like saving time and space, more hygienic, and it actually protects your delicate items better than air drying. So read on to find out how to dry bedding items in a dryer and keep your bed fresh and clean.

Before you dry your bedding items

before drying your bedding items

How often should you wash and dry bedding items?

Most experts agree that you should change your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week, since dirt and grime build up during our nightly sleep. Comforters, pillows and duvets should be washed 2 or 3 times a year.

Check your dryer’s capacity

Make sure your comforter isn’t too heavy for your dryer. Your tumble dryer most likely also only provides room for one big or two small comforters.

Check the label

As with an item you’re planning to dry in your tumble dryer, first check the care label for any laundry or drying instructions. This way, you can ensure that you don’t damage your favourite bedding items because there are some types of fabric/items that CAN’T be put in the dryer.

Consider using a dryer ball

Dryer balls can shorten your drying time considerably, and they’re especially recommended for drying down bedding items. It can prevent these items from clumping together and keep them fluffy.

How long will it take to dry your bedding items?

Sheets will usually dry within an hour in your tumble dryer. For comforters, duvets and pillows, allow up to three hours for tumble drying.

How to tumble dry bed sheets made of different fabrics

How to tumble dry silk and satin sheets

Silk and satin should only be tumble dried in a specially designed delicates setting that uses low heat. High temperatures can damage these kinds of fabric, so be sure to check the label and your dryer’s user manual.

How to tumble dry cotton sheets

As is the case for most cotton items, cotton sheets are the easiest to care for. Choose a dryer setting with low to medium heat, then quickly remove the sheets from the dryer to prevent wrinkles from forming.

How to dry linen sheets

Linen is a bit more sensitive than cotton, so it’s a good idea to use more caution when tumble drying your linen sheets. Choose a delicate or low-heat dryer setting for these kinds of fabrics.

How to dry bamboo sheets

The hugely popular bamboo sheets are quite sensitive to high temperatures as well, so we recommend that you again use a delicate setting on your tumble dryer, making sure to use low heat.

How to tumble dry pillows

how to tumble drt pillows

  • Step 1: Squeeze the water out of your pillows and place them in the dryer right after the washing machine is done. Take care not to overload your tumble dryer.
  • Step 2: Choose a low-heat setting on your tumble dryer to make sure the fibers in your pillows aren’t damaged by the heat.
  • Step 3: Put dryer balls in your tumble dryer along with your pillows. This will keep your pillows fluffy and soft, allowing for faster drying.
  • Step 4: Dry for 1-hour intervals and check how dry your pillows are after every cycle. Fluff the pillows after every cycle and begin a new one if they’re not dry yet.
  • Step 5: Remove your pillows when they’re completely dry and allow them to cool outside your tumble dryer.
With polyester pillow, you can follow the instructions on how to wash and dry the pillow quickly here.

How to tumble dry a duvet or comforter

how to tumble dry a duvet or comforter

Step 1: Check for detergent residue

When you’re taking your duvet or comforter from the washing machine, check it for soap or detergent residue. Detergent can stick to the fabric very easily, especially when your washer is very full. If you find soapy residue, put the bedding through another rinse and spin cycle.

Step 2: Choose proper heat

After you’ve transferred your clean duvet or comforter to the dryer, make sure to choose a low to medium-heat drying cycle.

Step 3: Use a dryer ball

As with pillows, use dryer balls to keep your duvet or comforter fluffy and to prevent the bedding from clumping together.

Step 4: Rotate your duvet or comforter every 30 minutes

Every 30 minutes, turn off your dryer and check your bedding. Fluff it manually and, if it’s clumping together a lot, take it out, shake it out and fluff it and then return it to the tumble dryer.

Useful tips for tumble drying your bedding items

useful tips for tumble drying your bedding items

1. Rotate bedding items every 30 minutes to keep them fluffy and allow them to dry more quickly

2. Don’t overload your dryer and remember that pillows and comforters may increase in size as they dry.

3. Button up duvet covers to prevent other items from getting tangled up in them.

4. Don’t dry smaller items in the same load as your bedding, since you’re just going to have to disentangle them from duvets and pillow covers when you’re done.

Besides the above tips, you need to get the most suitable dryer for your home in terms of capacity, size, features, and so on.

Enjoy perfectly dry bedding

How to dry different bedding items quickly

Don’t be afraid of using your tumble dryer to dry your bedding items, just make sure to follow the care instructions. With Electrolux tumble dryers featuring the DelicateCare system, you don’t have to worry about high temperatures damaging your favorite comforter and can still enjoy perfectly dried bedding and a good night’s sleep. For more details, don’t forget to read more All you need to know about Electrolux dryers and browse our wide ranges of clothes dryers below:

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