5 benefits of steam cooking that can transform your lifestyle

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What you eat determines your diet, but how you cook ultimately decides your meals’ nutritional value. Among different cooking methods, steaming is considered a healthier alternative for its natural process. If you’re still debating whether to make the switch, here are the reasons why steaming can redefine your daily meals


1. Retains more flavour and texture

Making healthier choices doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the flavours you love. Steaming doesn’t introduce foreign elements into your food, unlike other methods such as boiling, roasting, or frying. With your food’s components untouched, it’s more likely to retain its original flavours and textures, bringing out the best in your ingredients without the need for added seasoning. The SteamPro feature in our ovens uses the optimal amount of heat and steam for a satisfying crispiness on the outside and a tender, succulent inside.

Grilled meat using a regular oven and a SteamPro oven

2. Cooks food thoroughly

Steam cooks food evenly with minimal effort. The SteamPro oven is also equipped with SurroundCook technology and distributes heat equally within the whole oven chamber, assuring you consistently good results each time you cook.

You can also create bakery-style bread in your own home with the help of the SteamPro technology. The added steam in the oven allows dough to rise completely to creates an exquisitely soft centre, while hot air combines to deliver perfectly glossy crusts.

3. Preserves more nutrients

As it locks in ingredients’ original flavours, steam cooking also retains nutrients — especially for greens and other produce. While other methods strip away essential components such as vitamins C, B, and folate, steaming prevents them from leaching into water or oil. Our steam ovens cook your meals precisely to seal in all nutrients.

4. Easier cleanups

Scrubbing away at greasy pans can be a kitchen nightmare. When you choose steaming, you eliminate splatters and crusting from your cooking routine. Our SteamPro oven makes cleaning so much easier — its removable oven door gives you easier access to its interior in one simple motion. Additionally, its AquaClean feature removes grease and stubborn residue from the oven’s surfaces, for a self-cleaning unit.

5. Versatile recipe options

Figuring out what to cook can be a challenge in itself - but not when you have the right tools. Equipped with a built-in catalogue of recipes, our built-in steam ovens let you explore different cuisines and techniques at the press of a button.

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