Modern small kitchen ideas to maximize your kitchen space

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The kitchen may be the busiest place of all the areas in your home. It’s the home’s epicenter of activity, whether you’re whipping up daily meals or hosting big gatherings. That said, it’s one of the toughest places to keep clean — especially if you have limited space.

Keeping your kitchen spic and span is only a matter of working with what you have. You might not expect it, but the solution to your kitchen woes all boils down to one thing: space. Manage your cramped kitchen and create more functional space by considering these modern small kitchen ideas:

1. Take advantage of your wall space

For small kitchens, every inch of space counts: including bare walls. Eliminating clutter can be as simple as installing a mounted wall rack to keep your pots, pans, and kitchen utensils within reach. Aside from wall-mounted shelves or racks, investing in a built-in oven can help you get a more functional cooking space. These appliances fit snugly into your wall, so you get more room for perfectly cooked dishes through our UltimateTaste technology.

2. Use odd-shaped areas wisely

No matter the size of the kitchen, there’s always a corner that remains unused — because of either its position or shape. These spaces become the repository of odds and ends that clutter up the kitchen when they pile up. Think of these areas as valuable storage space. Use them to hold a rack of spices or other dry ingredients. They can also be designed to hold small appliances like blenders or coffee makers and kettles.

Use odd-shaped areas wisely

3. Go gasless

Your trusty hob might have served you many years, but it’s not the most ideal for a kitchen with limited space. With an induction cooker you get a sleeker and smarter way to craft your favorite dishes. Aside from intuitive cooking controls, it also guarantees less of an impact on the environment and eliminates the risk of gas leaks.

Go gasless

4. Invest in a compact dishwasher

Small spaces don’t have to be a big sacrifice - if you manage your setup wisely, you can still have enough room for premium kitchenware. Electrolux dishwasher fits perfectly into any space, ensuring optimal hygiene and care for your wares — without compromising your kitchen area.

Invest in a compact dishwasher
Kitchen arrangement takes time at first, but you can surely enjoy its benefits long after. Remember, Electrolux kitchen appliances can surely satisfy your demand for a wisely organised cooking area.

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