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How to wash and dry jeans

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A good pair of jeans is not only wardrobe essential, but it's a style investment. While jeans may be your go-to comfort attire, known for their durability and versatility, they do require a bit of extra care to endure the test of time. Understanding how to wash denim from day one is key to ensuring your jeans maintain their look and feel.


How often should you wash your jeans?

How often should you wash your jeans?

There's a common belief that jeans should be washed sparingly, perhaps every six months, to maintain their colour and form. However, the frequency of washing your jeans hinges on a few factors including their colour and how soiled they are.


For example, light-coloured jeans with white or pastel shades may require more frequent washing as they show stains and dirt more readily. Dark or black jeans can go for several wears without a wash, unless they're noticeably dirty. The trick is to wash them when needed, but not too often, to maintain their colour and structure.


If your jeans aren’t heavily soiled, they can usually be worn more than once between washings. This helps preserve their colour, fit, and contributes to a longer lifespan, ensuring your denim remains a wardrobe favourite for years.


Why you shouldn't wash jeans too often

Washing jeans too frequently can lead to faded colour, reduced fabric strength, and an altered fit. The unique blend of fibres in denim thrives on a less-is-more approach to laundering. Over-washing can strip away the dye and tamper with the fibres, causing your jeans to lose their shape and appeal.


By reducing the number of washes, you conserve water and energy while contributing to retaining the texture and hue of your denim, ensuring they remain stylish and comfortable over time.


Similar to jeans, some types of puffer jackets and coats should not be washed too often to maintain their shape and puffiness. Please read more on How to wash a puffer jacket in a washing machine to take care of this type of jacket properly.


How to wash jeans for the first time

For those who have recently purchased a new pair of jeans and are uncertain about the initial care steps, here's some guidance. Giving your new jeans the right start in their care routine is crucial for long-lasting denim.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your new pair gets the love it deserves from day one:


Step 1: Prepare your jeans



Turn your jeans inside out to protect the colour and texture. It's advisable to wash them alone to prevent dye transfer to other garments.

Step 2: Hand wash with cold water

Either in a sink or a bathtub, gently wash your jeans using cold water. Laying them flat in the bathtub is preferred as it provides ample space and water for a thorough wash.

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly

Rinse your jeans meticulously with cold water until all the suds are gone and the water runs clear, ensuring no detergent residue is left behind.

Step 4: Air dry

Hang your jeans up to air dry, avoiding direct sunlight to preserve their colour. Patience is key as air drying retains the fit and longevity of your denim, preparing them for many stylish outings ahead.

How to wash jeans in the washing machine

Washing jeans in a machine can be simple yet effective if done right. It's not just about tossing them in and hitting the start button; a little tender love and care goes a long way in maintaining the vibrancy and fit of your jeans.


Here are steps to ensure your denim comes out looking and feeling perfect:

Step 1: Use a delicate or gentle cycle

Selecting a gentle cycle on your washing machine is crucial as it employs minimal agitation, reducing the chances of your jeans wearing out or losing shape. The delicate cycle also ensures less friction which helps in preserving the colour and texture of the denim.

Here is how to select the right washing machine cycle.

Step 2: Wash jeans inside out and by themselves

Turning your jeans inside out before washing helps to protect the outer colour and finish. Washing them alone or with similar coloured denim prevents colour bleeding and transfer. This keeps your jeans and other garments looking vibrant.

Step 3: Hang your jeans up to air dry or use a no heat cycle

Air drying is the best method to dry your jeans as it prevents shrinkage and helps maintain the fibre integrity. However, if you're in a hurry, opting for a no heat tumble dry cycle is a safer alternative. This method uses air circulation to dry the jeans, avoiding the high temperatures that can cause shrinkage or damage to the denim fibres.


Denim tricks for keeping your jeans in top shape

Denim tricks for keeping your jeans in top shape


Preserving the crisp look and comfy feel of your jeans is an art that comes with a blend of proper washing, drying, and daily handling techniques. These practices not only uphold your denim's appearance but also significantly extend their lifespan.


Let's delve into some actionable tips to keep your jeans in pristine condition:

Hang your jeans

Instead of folding, hang your jeans by the belt loops to allow them to air out and retain their shape. This practice helps in reducing creases and keeps them fresh between washes.

Only wash your jeans when necessary

Washing jeans too often can fade their colour and tamper with the fabric strength. It's advisable to wash them only when they are visibly dirty or smell. Spot cleaning small stains and airing them out can be a good routine to keep them fresh for longer periods.

Wash ripped jeans by hand

Ripped jeans have a unique style but require a more gentle touch when cleaning. Hand washing is the best method to prevent the rips from enlarging or fraying. Use cold water and a gentle detergent, then lay them flat to dry to maintain the distressed design.


Discover Electrolux washing machines: Your denim’s best friend

Discover Electrolux washing machines


Electrolux washing machines are engineered with a host of features making them ideal for denim care. Let’s take a look at the variety of capabilities Electrolux offers:

Gentle wash cycles

Electrolux washing machines offer gentle wash cycles ensuring thorough cleaning without compromising on colour or fabric integrity.

Precise temperature control

The innovative technology allows for precise temperature control, crucial for preventing shrinkage especially in raw or high-quality denim.

Cold water washing and efficient rinse cycles

With options for cold water washing and efficient rinse cycles, these machines help in retaining the texture and longevity of your jeans, marking them as a reliable choice for every denim enthusiast.


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