How to make sure your cloth masks and delicates last a long time

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Masks are an essential these days — especially fabric ones for everyday use. You should have more than one cloth face covering so that you can have them on rotation. You can use one mask while the others are being washed and ready for use. However, what is the best way of taking care of your cloth masks and other delicates so they last longer?

To better care for your cloth face masks and delicates, you need to take washing and drying process in consideration to avoid make them worn-out and torn. A versatile washer and dryer duo like the Electrolux UltimateCare900 and the UltimateCare800 can be your great helper which have functions that take extra care of your delicates (like masks, silk dress and lingerie). Notable features include:

A perfect wash

AutoDose function measures the right amount of detergent suitable for your laundry load, protecting delicates like face masks from discoloring and especially detergent residue. The remain of detergents in your clothes is not only bad for your fabrics, but it can also cause irritation when your skin comes into contact with them.

VapourCare steam washing technology helps remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens in your wash cycle. In addition, vapour steam allows masks and delicate fabrics to be cleaned more profoundly than conventional washing.

A thorough dry

DelicateCare technology tailors temperature and motion to prevent shrinkage and shape loss to items such as fabric masks.

SensiCare function reduces wear and tear on your fabric mask by protecting it from over-drying.

Heat Pump keeps your mask and delicates looking and feeling new longer by drying effectively at low temperatures, cutting your washer’s energy consumption by 50%.

ReverseTumbling allows the washer to have alternating drum movements to reduce fabric wrinkles.

Makes life easier

WiFi Connectivity. The UltimateCare800 and UltimateCare900 can be connected to the Electrolux Life app, which provides expert guidance for caring for up to 37 types of fabric.

Clothes do much to enhance our lives and having the right washer and dryer like the UltimateCare800 and UltimateCare900 that take utmost care of your fabric masks and clothes, makes everyday life that much easier.

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