72L Black Built-in Oven with Multifunction 72L Black Built-in Oven with Multifunction 72L Black Built-in Oven with Multifunction

72L Black Built-in Oven with Multifunction

A fuss-free built-in oven perfect for any home cook. It has easy-to-use knob controls and telescopic runners, and with multi cooking functions to help you whip up your favourite dinner recipes. The black patterned glass design surely will be a highlight to your kitchen.

Recommended Consumer Price: 32.900.000 VND
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Extra Room For Multiple Dishes

Extra Room For Multiple Dishes

Treat yourself to a big feast with the 72L Oven. Its large capacity gives you freedom and plenty of room to cook multiple dishes, all in one go.

Peace-of-mind on Safety

Peace-of-mind on Safety

Enjoy safer cooking with the Electrolux Oven. Its unique 3-layer door keeps it insulated, giving you confidence and peace of mind while cooking.

Easy Defrost

Easy Defrost

The Electrolux Oven quickly and easily defrosts frozen meat and seafood with simple touch of a button.

FullFlex Telescopic Runners

FullFlex Telescopic Runners

Our FullFlex telescopic runners give you safe, easy access to all areas of your oven. This makes it easier to turn and stir your food for great results every time.

Cooler touch door

Cooler touch door

The door design minimises heat being transferred outside the oven, while ensuring a cooler touch oven door and cooler kitchen environment.


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