40L freestanding electric oven  40L freestanding electric oven  40L freestanding electric oven 

40L freestanding electric oven 

Recommended Consumer Price: 2.990.000 VND
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Cook a range of dishes

Cook a range of dishes

From roasting meats and vegetables to reheating leftovers, a choice of eleven pre-set programs provide home-chefs with a helping hand to deliver great tasting results, consistently.

Cook the perfect spitroast

Cook the perfect spitroast

The rotisserie turnspit automatically rotates to ensure that meats are evenly roasted to retain a succulent texture and delicious flavour.

Perfectly crisp favourites

Perfectly crisp favourites

The automatically turning rotisserie basket is perfect for cooking family favourites, such as french fries or crunchy roast potatoes. By slowly turning throughout the cooking process, your food is coated with heat from all sides, so you can deliver great tasting results without needing to manually flip or turn mid-way through cooking.

Spacious inside, slim outside

Spacious inside, slim outside

This freestanding appliance has a slimline exterior to take up less space on your countertop, but with a large internal capacity you still have plenty of room for cooking all of your favourite crowd-pleasing dishes.


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