72L Built-in Pyrolytic Cleaning Oven

72L Built-in Pyrolytic Cleaning Oven

  • EOC5400AOX
(2 reviews)
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  • Enjoy easy and hassle-free cleaning
  • CoolDoor Xtra 3-layer door for added safety and heat insulation
  • 9 pre-set programs expertly cook a range of foods
RCP: 27.890.000 VND
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(Worth 1.500.000 VND)
72L Built-in Pyrolytic Cleaning Oven
(2 reviews)
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Evenly distributed heat

Evenly distributed heat

Thanks to the UltraFan Plus, heat is distributed evenly no matter where you food is placed in the oven, ensuring it is cooked exactly the way you want it.
Precise cooking, great results

Precise cooking, great results

The precise sensor will even let you know when your dishes have been cooked to the desired temperature and automatically stop the process to prevent food from drying out.
Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

Unique Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Function safely burns all food scraps to ashes at high temperatures. You can easily wipe it clean without harsh chemicals, making cooking so much more enjoyable.
Peace-of-mind on Safety

Peace-of-mind on Safety

Enjoy safer cooking with the Electrolux Oven. Its unique 3-layer door keeps it insulated, giving you confidence and peace of mind while cooking.


Accustic signal
CoolDoor Xtra
Turbo Grill for Spit Roast Effect
Moist Fan Baking
Fully programmable timer
Minute minder
Oven energy efficiency class :A
Anti fingerprint stainless steel
Pyrolytic Cleaning


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