23L freestanding microwave with grill

23L freestanding microwave with grill

  • EMG23K38GB
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  • Cook, crisp, and brown with the grill function.
  • Larger dishes than ever before.
RCP: 2.390.000 VND

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Cook, crisp, and brown with the grill function

This dual function microwave oven with integrated 1000W quartz grill allows you to cook, crisp, and brown tender meat, vegetables, and anything in-between with minimum effort.

Larger dishes than ever before

Whether it's a family-sized noodle soup or a larger-than-life portion of fresh greens, the 27cm glass turntable gives you the flexibility to cook larger dishes than ever before.

Easily adjust to your cooking needs

5 adjustable power levels give you the flexibility to set the microwave power according to your cooking needs.


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