Steam Iron ESI5126

Steam Iron ESI5126

This Electrolux iron equipped with steaming function makes it easy to iron all wrinkles on clothes.

Recommended Consumer Price: 790.000 VND

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Powerful performance

The powerful performance of 1800 W helps remove all stubborn wrinkles.

Convenient water tank

Convenient 300ml water tank allows ironing more clothes in one fill.

Self-cleaning fuction

The self-cleaning function helps prevent limescale from building up in the water tank, leaving no stains on the clothes after ironing.

Auto shut-off for safety

The auto shut-off function activates when the iron is not in use for 8 minutes (in vertical position) or for 30 seconds (in horizontal position). The iron ensures maximum safety and saves energy.

Non-stick soleplate

Non-stick ceramic coated soleplate absolutely protects the fabrics while ironing. This Electrolux garment steamer is gentle, fast, effortless and easy to clean.


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