60cm Dishwasher ESF5512LOX

60cm Dishwasher ESF5512LOX

Electrolux Dishwasher is the highlight of your kitchen with its compact design, portability and its ability to fit a wide range of interior spaces.

Recommended Consumer Price: 19.490.000 VND

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Opens the door to dry dishes

Our AirDry technology finishes each dishwashing cycle with a breath of fresh air. The door is set slightly ajar during the last part of the drying phase without you having to lift a finger. Natural air can circulate inside the machine, leaving your plates and cutlery completely dry.

Efficient clean for even the dirtiest loads

The intensive program ensures an efficient and powerful clean for even the dirtiest loads, thanks to a 70°C water jet.

Fast and efficient performance

For when you have a light load, the 30-minute quick wash programme of the diswasher offers a timesaving solution with perfect washing results.


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