Air Conditioner with 4-in-1 filter - ESM18CRO-A1

Air Conditioner with 4-in-1 filter - ESM18CRO-A1

This air conditioner, with 3D airflow and 4-in-1 filter, helps to kill bacterias and removes microbes and particles from the air. You can enjoy the cool and fresh air anytime you want.

Recommended Consumer Price: 17.590.000 VND
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Delicate care with Sleep mode

Delicate care with Sleep mode

Sleep mode varies temperature to create the best environment for your sleep.

Keep it close and stay cool

Keep it close and stay cool

The I-Feel's remote control sensor will detect your spot temperature and pairs constantly with the air conditioner to maintain the optimal temperature for you. So just keep it nearby and you'll always stay cool and enjoy clean air.

Kinder to the planet

Kinder to the planet

The new Electrolux inverter air conditioner runs on eco-friendly R32 refrigerant – with no ozone depletion , and contributing 68% less to global warming compared to R410A.

Fresh air in every corners

3D airflow brings fresh air to every corners of the room so you can enjoy every moment at home.

Rapid cooling

Turbo function will be helpful to cool your room quickly and effectively


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