Promotion program
“1 year extended warranty for
the glass surface of gas hob”

Upon purchasing authentic Electrolux built-in gas hobs, you shall be entitled to the installation support program as follows:

Applicable products: EHG7230BE gas hob and EHG723BA
gas hob

1. Applicable period: from 15th September 2022 to 31st December 2022

2. Program scheme:

Upon buying any built-in gas hob models subject to this sales promotion program, you shall receive the followings for free:

  • 02 year product warranty.
  • 01 authentic pressure regulator valve.
  • 01 year extended warranty for the glass surface.
  • 01 hob surface cleaning within the first 02 years of usage.

This sales promotion program is applicable to all buyers from Electrolux Online shop or from all retail stores of Dien May Xanh, Dien May Cho Lon and Nguyen Kim nationwide.

3. To be eligible for the promotion program:

Upon buying a built-in gas hob from Electrolux Online store, the buyer shall call the hotline 1800 588 899 (toll free) to activate electronic warranty and register for installation services.

*This program has been updated as of September 15, 2022

Thank you.



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