Promotion terms & conditions

90 day trial promotion for air conditioner and dishwasher

Dear valued Customers,

From April 08th, 2021 to June 30th, 2021, Electrolux Vietnam Co., Ltd would like to offer our valued customers a “90 day trial promotion for Electrolux air conditioner and dishwasher”. The promotion’s terms and conditions are as following:

  1. Promotion name: “90 Day Trial Promotion for Air Conditioner and Dishwasher”
  2. Promotion period: From April 08th, 2021 to June 30th, 2021 (the promotion may end earlier than the announced period).
  3. Details of the promotion:
    • Applied area: Nationwide
    • Participants: Consumer customers (*)

(*) The promotion does not apply to distributors who are retail stores, agents, or electronics stores

  1. Promotion details: Customers who purchase Electrolux Air Conditioners or Dishwashers will be able to request a product exchange of the same type (*) within 90 days if not satisfied according to the attached list.

(*) Products of the same type are defined as products in the same category as an exchanged product (For example: If the purchased product is a conditioner, the customer can only exchange for another Electrolux conditioner)

         4.1 Applicable model list:



Model code


Electrolux dishwasher



Electrolux dishwasher



Electrolux dishwasher



Electrolux dishwasher



          4.2 Terms and conditions

                 4.2.1 Participation requirements

a.  All nationwide customers who purchase Electrolux Air Conditioners or Dishwashers (according to the appointed list) from April 8th, 2021 to tentatively June 30th, 2021, will be able to join the program. The program may end earlier than expected, depending on the decision of Electrolux Vietnam.

b. Within the first 90 days of purchase (according to the receipt), and with the minimum usage of 15 days, customers can exchange the product if they are not satisfied, subjected to the ordinary usage condition and the approval of Electrolux Vietnam’s technicians.

c. Exchangeable products must be in the same category as the products customers have purchased (e.g., an air conditioner could only be exchanged for another air conditioner of Electrolux).

          1. If customers want to upgrade to a higher model, they must pay the offset amount, according to Electrolux published Recommend consumer price.
          2. If customers want to exchange for a lower model or a model which is at the same price, no refund is available.

d. Product exchange procedures

         1. Contact the Customer sare service of Electrolux Vietnam via hotline 1800 58 88 99, or email, and provide model name, serial number together with the purchase receipt for support.
         2. Electrolux Customer care service will verify the product name, serial number, and receipt to know whether it applies to the program.
         3. The Electrolux Customer sare service will send technicians to check and verify the product at the customer’s home.

         4. Electrolux technicians will check and verify that the product is eligible for exchange:

             i. The product must work as new (no damage or loss of any part or accessories).
             ii. The product does not contain distortions or serious scratches (**) (including internal and external areas), with complete accessories.
             iii. The product has no sign of dismantling or accessory replacement.
             iv. The product stamp must be intact, with no sign of tearing, or removal.
             v.  The purchase receipt (invoice) must be original, intact (no wear and tear or erasing, or unclear of information).

        5. If the product can satisfy all the exchange conditions, the technicians will make a confirmation report for the customer.
        6. Electrolux will contact the customer to confirm the exchanged model within seven (7) working days after the technical verification. Electrolux will exchange the new product for the customer within the next seven working days after receiving confirmation. (In case the customer request a higher model, an additional offset payment must be made according to the listed Recommend consumer price of Electrolux before delivery).
        7. Electrolux will only support customers with the assembly cost for the exchanged product. Customers have to cover other extra expenses, if any (e.g., materials cost and other costs).

(**) A serious distortion or scratch is the one with the diameter/ length to be longer than 2 cm.

                 4.2.2 Other conditions

a. Products must be installed correctly according to Electrolux guidelines.

b. Each customer can only exchange 1 product, and the customer information has to match with the details on the purchase receipt (invoice).

c. Products must be used for domestic purposes, not commercial. Commercial purposes include hotels, offices, restaurants, serviced apartments, and other business modes.

d. Cases that are not applicable:

        i. Products are damaged due to accidents, misuse, including incorrect maintenance.

       ii. Products are damaged due to insects (rats, cockroaches, ants, or termites, etc.)

       iii. Products are damaged due to dropping or during the delivery process.

       iv. Products are repaired not by Electrolux or Electrolux authorized warranty centers.

       v. Products are purchased with vouchers (not by cash or credit cards).

       vi. Serial label or product labels are erased or removed.

e.  We will process technical complaints according to the current warranty policy of Electrolux.

Sincerely thank you.

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