Dishwasher buying guide

Dishwasher buying guide

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Electrolux’s dishwasher buying guide will help you choose the dishwasher you need to get an everyday job done - effectively and quietly. Capacity, performance, efficiency, and design are key things to consider, so let this buying guide help make the right choice simple for you.

Kitchen design & installment

The work triangle is considered the gold standard of kitchen layout design. This refers to the sink (and therefore dishwasher), fridge and stove placement for efficient cooking and cleaning. Taking a bird’s eye view can help plan your work triangle (most are U or L shaped). Also consider storage options, strategically placed appliances and map out how you’ll move around.

The standard size for a dishwasher is 600mm wide, 820mm high and 600mm deep, but it’s critical you measure both the space you have available and the dimensions of the dishwasher precisely. Also consider rear ventilation and your ‘air gap’, the most effective method to protect your dishwasher from flooding with wastewater, something professional installers or plumbers can help with.

Cutlery drawer versus basket

Cutlery drawer versus basket-960x640.jpg

Some models come with your typical cutlery basket, where you stand your knives, forks and spoons up vertically, while others come with a horizontal removable 15 setting cutlery drawer. The more flexibility in the design means the greater options you have for stacking and loading, so you don’t have to hand wash a thing.


Dishwasher capacity is measured in ‘place settings’ a load can fit. A place setting counts as what you’d need to serve a three-course meal in dishes, cutlery and glassware. Here’s a guide.

1 -2 people

A 6-9 place settings model is well suited to small households, especially if you dine out frequently, or have limited space.

3 -4 people

A 9-12 place settings model is ideal for a medium-sized household or couple who works from home. Also comes in slimline.

5+ people

A 12+ settings model is best for large families, households who entertain frequently, or those with the kitchen space.

Types of dishwashers

Built-in dishwasher

Most commonly installed, this dishwasher slides perfectly into the allocated kitchen space, typically under the benchtop to create a specifically designed custom-built look. Built-in dishwashers can be integrated (concealed behind cabinetry) or semi-integrated (concealed with the front control panel visible) and are available in three finishes (stainless steel, white or black).

Freestanding dishwasher

With an exposed exterior and control panel, these standalone designs don’t need to be built into your kitchen. The moveable design means they can be placed anywhere with water and drainage access. Available in three finishes (stainless steel, white or black), freestanding dishwashers also come in multiple size variations suiting most allocated kitchen dishwasher spaces.

Compact dishwasher

Compact dishwashers can clean 6 to 8 sets of dishes and other small items in one cycle. Besides, the advantages of this machines are affordable prices and flexibility in placement because of the compact design that suitable for small families or do not have enough space for large dishwashers.


You’ll need to consider three connections as part of the installation process. Your dishwasher will need a power supply, washing water supply, as well as wastewater drainage. If this is outside your remit, having yours installed and connected by a professional is the best option.


For a truly whisper quiet set and forget model, opt for one with sound levels at 45 dB or under - the noise equivalent of light rain. If that’s still not peaceful enough for you, look for models with an Extra Silent program which runs at a virtually silent 37dB.

Energy efficient & water rating

If wanting to save on your bills and help the environment, consider dishwashers with special features like half load settings and delayed starts (which run during off peak utility periods). Besides choosing the right dishwasher, these tips and trick on maximizing a dishwasher efficiency will help you save more energy.

Modern designs use around six times less water than hand washing, so if you’re wanting to save on one of our most precious resources, choose a high-performance model that delivers a superior clean without any pre-rinsing needed.

How to clean dishwasher

For appliance longevity and performance, besides using the dishwasher properly, a general rule is to clean the filter after each wash. When it comes to odours, wipe door seals, clean the filter and run an empty hot wash with a dishwashing cleaning product. Blockages are dealt with by long hot washes and clearing potential clogs in the filter, spray arm, air gap and drainage hose, while replacing the door seal can help leaks.

Technology of Electrolux dishwashers

Pack away your tea towels

Maximise your drying performance with the natural airflow offered by Electrolux’s AirDry technology. At the end of the wash cycle, the door automatically opens by 10cm, allowing moist, hot air to escape and fresh airflow to enter, aiding items in drying faster and spotlessly.

Pack away your tea towels-960x640.jpg

Time beam technology

Electrolux’s dual coloured beam projects light onto the floor for a noise-free update on your wash cycle progress. Red means running and green means unload ready.

Elevating dishwashing to new heights

Designed for convenient unloading and efficient stacking, Electrolux’s ComfortLift™ technology offers a gentle slide and lift function for easy access to the lower basket, offering a favourable height, before using the ComfortRails to return the rack gently back into place.

Spotless glassware every time

Let your special occasion glasses become any occasion glasses, with Electrolux’s SoftGrip rubber clamps that gently secure wine glass stems, while the SoftSpikes support against unwanted tilting. Combined with a dedicated glass washing program, sparkling glassware is guaranteed.

Spotless glassware every time-960x640.jpg



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Top FAQs about dishwashers

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