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9kg VapourCare washing machine - white

9kg VapourCare washing machine - white

  • EWF12944
(31 reviews)
  • Less wrinkles, effortless elegance
  • 99.9% allergen free
  • Quiet, durable and energy saving
RCP: 11.990.000 VND
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Deeper clean, stains reduced

Deeper clean, stains reduced

Tackle tough stains with our Shower Spray that directly sprays water and detergent onto clothes to help wash away dirt and stains.

Quiet, durable and energy saving

Quiet, durable and energy saving

Our inverter motor gives you reliable performance that is quiet, less vibration and backed by a 10-year warranty on the motor. You'll enjoy seamless results with up to 22% reduced energy consumption compared to other washing machine models without inverter motor.

Hygienic clean. VapourCare.

Hygienic clean. VapourCare.

The VapourCare function finishes the wash cycle with uses a soft spray of vapour to remove up to 99.9%* of germs and allergens. By producing vapour at only 40°C it is gentler on your fabrics, whilst also saving energy.

Variable wash time for better care

Variable wash time for better care

The exclusive Time Manager feature has up to 2 selectable time options that let you decrease or increase the washing program duration based on how dirty your clothes are. With this flexibility, not only you save time and energy, you also prolong the life of your clothes by minimizing overwashing.

Gentle tumble, cleaner wash

Gentle tumble, cleaner wash

The soft honeycomb pattern on the Hive drum offers high performance cleaning while reducing wear and tear on clothes.


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