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Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

  • PF91-5BTF
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  • 5-step filtration for deeper clean
  • Keep your home safe from dust and allergens
13.990.000 VND
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FlexLift for easy cleaning

FlexLift for easy cleaning

Slide unit structure sliding up and down makes cleaning easier because floor weight is light at the lower center of gravity, reaching even narrow gaps with upper center of gravity firmly

Flexible power settings

3 different power levels to adjust for different floor types

5-step filtration

Our 5-step system with EPA12 filter effectively captures up to 99,9% dust particles for a deeper clean.


We've Got You Covered

Vacuum warranty
2 YEARS general warranty
1 Year battery warranty applies to all other cordless stick vacuum cleaner models.

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