71cm Prima 2-Burner Gas Hob - ETG729GKTR

71cm Prima 2-Burner Gas Hob - ETG729GKTR

Sleek, modern design with durable steel frame that’s designed for power and speed. A premium 2-burner gas hob featuring Blue Power Flame for maximum heating efficiency.

Recommended Consumer Price: 2.190.000 VND

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Safety Flame Device

Safety Flame Device

Safety Flame Device of the Electrolux Gas Hob cuts the gas off immediately if the flame is accidently blown out ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

Glass Cooktop for safety & easy to clean

Glass Cooktop for safety & easy to clean

Cleaning is a breeze with Electrolux Gas Hob. Its tempered glass and dishwasher-safe grates make washing hassle-free.

Durable brass burners

Durable brass burners produce evenly flame, do not burn the bottom of the pan nor emit harmful gases.

High Heating Efficiency

Burners with fire grooves evenly distributed around create large and strong flames, which is perfect for fast heat-up. The Magneto ignition system is durable, extremely sensitive, safe and easy to use.

Stainless steel frame

The rugged, durable stainless steel body brings you peace of mind when cooking your favourite foods.


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