EasyLine steam iron

EasyLine steam iron

  • ESI4017
(46 reviews)
  • Non-stick, ceramic coated soleplate that helps protect fabrics
  • The self-cleaning function that prevents limescale build-up
  • The sharp tip that allows easy and precise access to iron tricky areas
RCP: 390.000 VND

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Powerful Performance

With powerful performance of 1600W and a 250ml water tank, the EasyLine Steam Iron ESI4017 irons clothes quickly, saving lots of time.

Non-stick soleplate

Non-stick soleplate allows easy gliding on all fabrics, reduces friction and corrosion. Not only it's easy to clean after each use, but this Electrolux iron is also equipped with the anti-dripping system and self-cleaning function for every steam hole.

Removing all wrinkles

Its sharp tip allows easy and precise access to iron difficult areas such as narrow edges, seams and collars.

Various ironing modes

Electrolux Steam Iron ESI4017 offers lots of ironing modes and temperature settings suitable for different types of fabrics.


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