3500W water heater

3500W water heater

  • EWE351BADW
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  • 3500W Power, with booster pump
  • Compact, thin and light design
  • Water flow sensor and electric leakage prevention device
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3500W water heater
(1 reviews)
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Safety Device to Prevent Electric Leakage and Shock

The Earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) works effectively and shuts off power quickly even when the smallest leakage is detected. You will feel safe and untroubled while taking a shower.

Anti-Scalding Device and Dual Temperature Regulator

The temperature is self-adjusted to protect users. The automatic thermostat provides optimal temperature control and enhances safety.

Water Flow Sensor

The water flow sensor automatically adjusts the water input and avoids overheating the water due to clogging. The appliance is shut off if the water flow is too low (< 2.0 Liters/minute). This device also helps prevent over-heating the water due to water pipe leakage.

5-Year Warranty for the Heating Element

Corrosion and accumulation of lime deposits in the heating elements negatively affect the water heater's performance. A high-quality heating element ensures that the water heater will operate well and last longer.

Water and Dirt Resistant

Abs plastic cover protects the appliance against water splashing and dirt collecting in compliance with IP25 Rating. Besides, the plastic cover helps block the water and dirt from getting inside the water heater's body.



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