Dehumidifier EDH12SDAW

Dehumidifier EDH12SDAW

With smart functions and energy-saving mode, Electrolux dehumidifier is a great choice for improving your living space.

Recommended Consumer Price: 4.090.000 VND
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Find the model number

The model number, underline in green, is printed on the serial plate of your appliance.

Highly accurate digital control panel

The digital control panel has a display screen at the top for easy operation and supervision.

Integrating various smart features

The dehumidifier will automatically stop working when the humidity reaches the pre-defined setting, or when the water tray is at full capacity of 3 litres. Humidity sensor helps the machine to run with high accuracy while saving energy.

Attractive and modern design

Electrolux electronic dehumidifier EDH12SDAW has a modern and luxurious design, suitable for all living spaces.

Automatic error alert system

The system will immediately show an error message when the water tank is full, when the machine is not in the right position or when the machine goes into the snow-discharging mode.

Effective air filtration system

The air filtration system is placed in front of the air inlet to help filter dust for a fresher and more well-ventilated space, creating a sense of comfort for users.



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