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  • 250.000 VND

    • Compatible products: ZEQ6530

    250.000 VND

  • 100.000 VND

    • Compatible products: ZB3314AK, ZB3423B, ZB3414AK, ZB3411ZB3230P, ZB3230SR, ZB3230P, ZB3233B, ZB3233B, ZB3225POW, EER7ANIMAL, EER79SWM, EER79EBM, EER7ALLRGY, EER85SSM, EER87MBM, EER89IBM
      • Gives you optimal performance.
      • Change Filter regularly to maintain the brilliant performance of your cleaner.
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    100.000 VND

  • 150.000 VND

    • Compatible products: PC91-5IBM; PC91-4CR, PC91-4IG, PC91-4MG, PC91-4MGT, PC91-4RR, PC91-4RRT, PC91-5MBM, PC91-5STM, PC91-6IBM, PC91-6MB, PC91-6MBT, PC91-8STM, PC91-8STMT, PC91-ALRG1, PC91-ALRG, PC91-ALRG2, PC91-ALRGT, PC91-ANIMA, PC91-ANIMT, PC91-GREEN, PC91-H4MB, PC91-H4MG, PC91-H6STM

    150.000 VND

  • 1.500.000 VND

    • Compatible products: PI91-5SSM

    1.500.000 VND

  • 1.600.000 VND

    • Compatible products: PI92-6SGM; PI91-5MBM, PI91-5SGM, PI91-5BSM, PI91-5SSM
      • The kit includes 3 washable filters, 3 side brush and 1 brush roller/main brush:
      • Filters are washable and immediately ready to use again after drying
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    1.600.000 VND

  • 250.000 VND

    • Compatible products: Z1220

    250.000 VND

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