Created to give you peace of mind, Electrolux warranty policies vary upon the products that you bought. Check out the warranty periods and policies for your Electrolux products here.

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Product Category Product Standard Warranty Period Repair Service at Home Remarks
Laundry Appliances Front Load Washers 24 Months x 10-year warranty for motor and drum
  Top Load Washers 24 Months x  
  Dryers 24 Months x  
  Washers 24 Months x 10-year warranty for motor and drum
Kitchen Gas Hobs 24 Months x  
  Built-in Ovens 24 Months x  
  Cooker Hoods 24 Months x  
  Dishwashers 24 Months x  
  Ovens with Built-in Gas Hobs 24 Months x  
  Induction Hobs 24 Months x  
  Microwave Ovens 24 Months    
  Built-in Microwaves 24 Months x  
  Refrigerators 24 Months x 10-year warranty for Inverter compressor
  Freezers 24 Months x  
Air Conditioners Air Conditioners 24 Months x 5-year warranty for compressor
  Air Conditioner Remotes 12 Months x  
Mist Fans Mist Cooling Fans 12 Months    
Air Purifiers Air Purifiers 24 Months    
Dehumidifiers Dehumidifiers 12 Months    
Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Cleaners 24 Months    
Water Dispensers Water Dispensers 24 Months x  
Liquor Cabinets Liquor Cabinets 24 Months x  
Water Heaters Direct Water Heaters 24 Months x 5-year warranty for the heat bar and 10-year warranty for the water tank (3,5kW and 4,5kW)
  Indirect Water Heaters 24 Months x 7-year warranty for the water tank
Small Appliances Rice Cookers 24 Months    
  Blenders 24 Months    
  Coffee Machines 24 Months    
  Dry Irons 24 Months    
  Steam Irons 24 Months    
  Mixers 24 Months    
  Single Induction Hobs 24 Months    
  Juicers 24 Months    
  Oven Toasters 24 Months    
  Toasters 24 Months    
  Electric Grills 24 Months    
  Electric Kettles 24 Months    
Accessories Accessories No General Warranty Not Applicable  

Return Policy: Return is allowed within 30 days from the date of purchase, if the appliance fails due to manufacturing defaults, under normal conditions, testified by Electrolux technicians.

The warranty policy and repair service is only effective for Electrolux appliances purchased and operated in Vietnam from January 1st, 2018.

For all appliances used for business activities such as laundry services, hotels, restaurants, factories,… beyond family uses, the warranty policy is valid for a period of 9 months from the date of purchase.

Warranty policy is not applicable for the following cases:

Appliances fail due to improper installation, maintenance, or wrong uses, not following the product manual and instructions
Appliances fail due to the following reasons: fire, natural disaster, natural erosion, environmental factors, product fall or collapse
Appliances fail due to insect infestation (mice, cockroaches, ants, termites,…)
Appliances fail due to the use of weak or dirty water (for washing machines, water heaters, steam irons)
Appliances fail due to fall or collapse during transportation
Appliances fail due to unstable power source, fluctuating beyond the permissible level: 220V ± 10V, or inappropriate replacement/design of power cords
Appliances' mechanical and kinetic parts are lost, damaged, eroded (for those made of paper, plastic, metal, rubber, coal,… like trays, refridgerator drawer, dust bags, filters, etc.), dented, scratched, smudged, rusted,…
Appliances fail due to owner's self-repair or product alteration without Electrolux's permission or supervision
Appliances with removed or scratched product number code or serial number


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