8 Things You Need to Know About Induction Cooker

Electrolux provides the most useful information you need to know about induction cooker. Level up your cooking experience and browse our wide range of induction cooker in Vietnam.

  • Do induction cookers cook faster than normal electric and gas cookers?

    Yes, an induction cooker is faster than traditional electric cooktop and gas cooker. It allows instant control of cooking energy similar to gas burners. Other cooking methods use flames or red-hot heating elements but induction heating only heats the pot.

  • Will induction cooking incur high energy consumption?

    No, an induction cooker transfers electrical energy by induction from a coil of wire when electric current flowing through it. The current creates a changing magnetic field and produces heat. The pot gets hot and heats its contents by heat conduction. The cooking surface is made of a glass-ceramic material which is a poor heat conductor, so only a little heat is lost through the bottom of the pot which incurred minimal wastage of energy when compared with open flame cooking and normal electric cooktop. The induction effect does not heat the air around the vessel, resulting in further energy efficiency.

  • Does induction cooking require special techniques?

    Induction cooker is just source of heat, thus, cooking with an induction cooker has no difference from any form of heat. However, heating is much faster with an induction cooker.

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